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The Canalside Life Coach is Here for You: Boost the Positives and achieve your outcomes

About the Canalside Life Coach

Anne Brookes is the Canalside Life Coach and looks forward to meeting you for online life coaching sessions or in-person coaching if you’re near Birmingham! I’ve lived for a number of decades and I’ve learned that it helps to keep a fresh and healthy attitude to life.

Many of us have had challenging experiences and life means adapting to changes, whether wanted or not.

I have always been interested in human and organisational behaviour, learning and communication. I have used a variety of approaches, theories and practices in my working life as a manager, trainer, lecturer, counsellor and life coach.

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I discovered NLP/NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING when I used it to overcome feelings I was not able to deal with after experiencing a street attack. I have since enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to train formally.

I am a qualified and certified Life Coach, NLP Coach and Practitioner and professionally qualified to use Time Line Therapy and Advanced Coaching techniques that include Transactional Analysis (TA).

NLP/NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING and Time Line Therapy® techniques bring about real change.

These are safe, reliable and transformative techniques that use language effectively. We work with your unconscious mind - the powerhouse of our existence and identity. This makes change work a natural process, where you are at the wheel.

I also use TA techniques which are simple to grasp and are easy to use.

I’m interested in real results that help you discover answers that work for you.

Canalside Life Coaching Sessions are one to one with me, online or face to face by arrangement.

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Working with the Canalside Life Coach gives you space to reflect, boost the positives and achieve your outcomes

Personal Coaching with the Canalside Life Coach gives you space to reflect, boost the positives and achieve your outcomes

”Anne has such a warm welcoming manner, I found that I could just be myself from the start of our coaching sessions. Anne has a wealth of knowledge and used this in a non-judgemental way to guide me towards my goals. Since beginning the coaching sessions, I feel so much more motivated and positive! And I am more focused on doing the tasks given to direct me, whereas before I was searching about in the dark. I would highly recommend Anne as an NLP coach to others. Thank you.” Sarah M., former client.


Jane discovered realistic, actionable strategies that allowed her to process challenges and changes in her life, regain focus and plan successful SMART goals.

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Find out how I will help you with:

Developing positive habits

Dealing with stress

Being You

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