Goals in 2024Goals in 2024

Goals in 2024

The Canalside Life Coach Guide to Reaching your Goals

Goals and Your Future

Life coaching is effective when you need to identify a goal that compels you, along with strategically planning how to achieve it - and how to not get stuck!

We can discover your motivators and look at the stressors that usually disrupt you.

As 2 examples of different approaches to this:


is motivated by freedom and likes options and challenges. He will become stuck if he feels restricted or has to follow step by step instructions. His plan will be organic and open-ended, with me cheering him on.


avoids risk, likes details and rules - she will want clearly defined steps with lots of feedback. I will give assurance as her buddy.

Questions to ask about setting goals

  • Name 2 goals you want to achieve in the next 6 months - anything, doesn’t have to be “big”

  • On a scale of 1 to 4 how motivated do you feel to make changes?

  • Are there 2 things/people/achievements/ideas that make you happy thinking about them now?

  • What are the 2 biggest changes you want to make over the next few years?

Questions to ask about setting goals

Questions to ask about setting goals

How we do this together:

If there are negative emotions and beliefs that are blocking you, we will use techniques that resolve these in a safe and successful way. As your coach, I act as a partner in you being accountable, which helps with motivation.

You will explore options and get creative with solutions. I will provide encouragement and check in with you as you tackle any markers towards progress.

We will use actionable strategies and your commitment to your goals will have a clear direction that can achieve real change.

Motivation can shift from being away from what you do not want to “Towards Motivation”, which has a lot more energy and resilience built in - we all do this differently, so we will find your way.

Notice how you come up with a refreshed approach as you take each successful change step.

The last question I will ask you is:

  • What’s the last thing that has to happen for you to know you’ve achieved your goal? Have a think about it now!

I use various Coaching techniques alongside NLP/NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, Time Line Therapy® and Transactional Analysis.

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SMART goals are helpful in coaching:

SPECIFIC - you know exactly what your outcome will look like/feel like/sound like AND is it compelling?

MEASURABLE - you have a specific plan to complete doable chunks with accountability built in

ACHIEVABLE - you have or will have the mindset, attitude, resources and skills to make your outcome happen

REALISTIC - being honest about all circumstances in your life - health, relationships, anything else

TIME-BOUND - you have a timeframe to create forward momentum, check it fits

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