Dealing with stressDealing with stress

Dealing with stress

The Canalside Life Coach Guide to Dealing with stress


When you have something to keep you stable, it’s feels easier to explore. If you sense you’re drifting and are out of balance, a safe space to refocus really helps. You will feel even better when you can move towards a future you are focused on positively.

With Anne as your personal Life Coach you will have a reliable reminder to check in as regularly as you decide - this helps you have a sense of control and achievement.

It can be hard to recognise our own positives, especially when we feel overloaded or just plain exhausted.

Being outside makes a positive difference to our serotonin level

Being outside makes a positive difference to our serotonin level



  • in green spaces or anywhere you can in the daylight, even on a dull day - it really makes a difference to serotonin levels, which contribute to our happiness levels. I go out to a garden and look at the birds or walk along the canalside near me…there is always something different each day, and the natural world is calming.


  • use an APP, for example, Balance has a free option and different short meditations and mindfulness practices designed for the realities of everyday life:

  • Even if you feel this is not for you, it’s helpful to be aware of your breath and how to use it to calm your mind and body. Some people use relaxing music to help with this - find the right track to help you drift off…

OR try this below:



  • lots for your exploration - do you want to cycle, hit the gym, ride a horse, swim, run…? Or dance around at home, do some yoga? Or relaxing slow stretches in the kitchen when you wait for the kettle to boil?


  • Splash some colour with a painting app or real paints, make something with your hands, write a poem, cook up food you like to eat, play an instrument


  • some people find this really helpful, but it can end up being an end in itself - try to keep it short and simple during the period that you are doing your coaching sessions. Use an online app like LogSeq ( if you write a lot and want to be able to search easily using hashtags - or simple pen and paper if that’s your preference (and gives you a break from technology!)

Woman writing a journal entry


To help you to start understanding the stressors impacting on you at the moment, take a few moments and make a list in your own way - do a voicenote/write a list with one or two words or sentences under each of these headings

  • Feeling too busy (with family commitments, work)

  • Health/bereavement (own health, death of a loved one or pet, any other major loss)

  • Major life changes (Home move, job move, breakdown of an important relationship, family dynamics)

  • Financial

  • Personal characteristics/behaviour (for example, never saying no)

  • Other sources?

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The Canalside Life Coach will help you boost the positives in life’s challenges and changes

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I’m always happy to help but I am not a health coach or medically trained to advise on acute stress or severe chronic stress. Please consult a qualified expert if this is your situation.

IMPORTANT: If you feel very low or are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you can call Samaritans free on 116 123 (UK)

The Samaritans provide non-judgemental listening services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (UK)

Contact Samaritans

Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. If you feel you are in danger of taking your own life, call the emergency services on 999.

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